Tantric Massages To Increase Pleasure: Know Everything About This Technique

We have decided to make and share this article because the practice of tantric massage is still little known in the world and deserves to be disclosed, also considering the potential it has for people who have difficulties, for various reasons, to establish relationships as a couple, so If you are really interested, we invite you to stay with us in this article and you can analyze all its advantages.

What Is Tantric Massage?

The origins of tantric massage go back a long history. In fact, it is an Indian practice with many years old, which through soft and rounded touches helps to obtain a greater self-knowledge, stimulating the body and helping it reach a high state of well-being.

The word Tantra originates from Sanskrit, and can be translated as “warp” or “weft.” It is a set of doctrines and practices aimed at expanding the ordinary state of consciousness, the image of the warp evokes the union between individual and universal consciousness, between man and woman.

So let’s see how tantric massage and mind and body freeing strategies can help and how it is implemented in practice. On the premise of undergoing such an experience and not creating wrong expectations or malicious thoughts, there is in the first place a conscience and a good open-mindedness, as well as an excellent complicity of the partners.

So if you read this article and want to experiment, we recommend that you get carried away, close your eyes and give your mind and body room for more intimacy.

Tantric massage from a practical point of view is proposed as a multisensory experience: lights, smells, sounds, merge to stimulate and capture every aspect of physicality, tactile stimuli that play skillfully during the massage, alternating incisive techniques and delicate touches followed by sensual and other meditative manual skills, going to activate the chakras and subtle energies.

All this and other aspects of Tantra make massage not a massage made of erotic games, but the result of shamanic practices with propitiatory intentions.

Touch, caress, precise touches, all slowly, to prolong the emotion to the maximum and create a deeper intimacy. Nowadays, sex is done too much with the head and too little with the body. But what relationship does sex have with love? According to many sexologists, “sex is love.” It is true that much of the emotion is born on a mental level, but awakening the feelings and learning to enjoy them requires strong physical participation.

Daily stress, rush, even attention to technique prevent many people from immersing themselves intensely in the experience of physical and mental love, normally the practitioner will try to synchronize your breathing with his, slowly you will discover the possibility of dissolving your physical barriers and mental until you become a single, vibrant energy field.

Tantric massage not only has a sexual component

Tantric massage seeks pleasure and, although it can cause orgasm, it is not really its main purpose. However, it is one of the Valencia erotic massages in which the touch of the sexual organs has a place and in which a specific terminology is used for these intimate areas of the human body.

The male sexual organ, for example, is known as Lingam , which means wand of light. While the female genital organs are called Yoni , whose literal translation is sacred space or temple.

Before going into detail with the benefits of tantric massage , it should be noted that it does not take place sex with real penetration. Every time we hear the word tantra we usually associate it with sex or sexual life, but this has a much wider field of action, to the point of having relaxing and healing virtues.

In addition, for the application of tantric massage it is not necessary to be naked in a mandatory way, although professionals and any specialized portal recommend that it is the best option to enjoy the maximum experience.

In general, hot oil is used from a series of light massage movements on all points of the body, from the feet to the neck.

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