Massaging Face Up And Hands And Legs

Face up

In this phase, sexual stimulation increases. The most erogenous zones are exposed but the temptation to focus on them should be avoided. Discover other sensitive areas (such as the inner thighs, belly, or hips) and strive to stay relaxed while being responsive. In this phase the person receiving may have his eyes open.  

Whole legs.  The person receiving should feel that the contact follows a continuous movement. Therefore, it begins to rub from the feet — where the face-down phase had ended — and goes up to the groin. The downward movement is performed once on the inner side of the legs and once on the outer side.

Relaxing the hip. At this point it is all about releasing the tension from the hip. To do this, the leg is slightly flexed and rubbed with moderate-strong pressure on the flat muscles of the side, rising slowly until the protrusion of the femur is felt. Insist on that area, alternating strong pressure with caresses that go up to the waist.

Back arch.  The lift at the waist is one of the most beautiful and pleasant moments of the massage. Teaches the body to arch and indulge in relaxation. The lumbar hollow is wrapped with the hands and the fingers are intertwined under the spine to then raise the waist until resistance is met. Hold the elevation for a few moments and slowly descend. To do it more safely, the masseur can lean on one knee. Repeat the movement three times, very slowly.

Chest and sides.  The person who gives the massage stands behind the partner’s head, puts their hands on the shoulders, pointing their fingers towards the waist, and slowly lowers them to the waist, sliding between the breasts. Without stopping, go up the sides to the starting position. The pressure should be light when passing over the chest and moderate on the sides. 

Hands And Head

By caressing the areas of the body most accustomed to contact and that are normally in view, the situation recovers an everyday air. That is why it is necessary to make an effort to maintain perceptual intensity and contain the urge to speak. It is recommended that the person who receives it remains with their eyes closed.

Shoulder kneading.  Knead the shoulder with the fingertips, using the whole hand if the shoulder is large and muscular. If tense parts are detected, it can be pressed with the fingertips, taking care not to cause any pain. Movement can be extended through the upper arm.

Caresses on the hand. Make light strokes starting from the forearm and reaching the palm. First, the whole hand is applied and then the contact is reduced until it just touches the fingertips. Some movements can be longer and others shorter, but always slow. If tickling appears, increase the pressure or go to another point.

Relaxing the head.  After sliding from your hands to your shoulders, you change your position to massage your head. Insert your fingers between the hair and firmly rest the tips on the scalp. You should not rub, but rather press and move your fingers to relax these normally tense muscles. Change pressure points every 30 seconds. In a matter of minutes it is verified that mobility has increased a lot.

At the end of the massage, the partner’s body is covered with a sheet or towel to keep warm and remains silent for a few moments.

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