Massaging Face Down And Arms

Before starting, physical contact is initiated by standing back to back , sitting or standing. In this position, attention is focused, for at least one minute, on the areas that are in contact to increase receptivity to sensations. Then you can continue with the following exercises. First, one can do the complete massage to the other to receive it later or the roles can be changed after massaging each area (back, legs, arms, head and abdomen).

Face down

The massage begins with the areas away from the genitals, since the first objective is to relax and promote harmony between the couple. The back is the most forgotten part of the body, it is hardly touched and yet it is extraordinarily sensitive. The back of the knees, sides, and feet are especially erogenous zones. For greater comfort, you can place a cushion or a folded towel under the belly and another under the ankles. The person receiving must keep their eyes closed.

Passes on the back.  The oil is spread from the waist to the shoulders, without forgetting the sides. The back is the area that allows the strongest pressure, except at the level of the kidneys. To begin with, the sides of the spine can be traversed with the thumbs (it should never be pressed on it). Afterwards, long passes are made: starting at the waist, going up to the shoulders and going down the sides, in a slow and continuous movement without taking off the hands. In the shoulder area, where tension builds, a relaxing kneading can be done.  

Stimulate the legs.  The oil is spread and with each hand on one leg is pressed from the ankles to the buttocks. It can also be done with two hands on one leg first and then on the other. When passing over the back of the knees, the pressure should become a gentle caress.

Circles on the buttocks.  The buttocks are very sensitive and yet there is no risk of harm in handling. The hands are placed well extended on the center of the buttocks and with each one circles are made. At first you can make frictions, then kneading to finish with friction of the fingertips. 

Kneading feet.  A large number of nerve endings accumulate in the feet. That is why his massage is very relaxing and pleasant. The leg is bent, the foot is caught between the hands and the sole is kneed with the thumbs. Then you can rub the sole and instep, taking care that they are not so light that they cause tickling (they must be avoided during the entire massage). 


Touches on the arms.  The arm is raised holding it below the elbow and armpit. The hands are alternately slid towards the wrist so that the arm does not fall. These movements should be somewhat faster than usual. An alternative is to support the hand of the person who receives on the shoulder of the masseuse to perform the caresses with more freedom. 

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