How To Do Lingam Massage?

But let’s get to the point: after all this talk about who, chakra and tantra, how do you do a lingam massage? Follow these steps and tantra massage for men will have no more secrets!

Create The Right Atmosphere

A Lingam massage takes time and dedication and cannot be improvised on time. Save time for just the two of you and set the mood for both of you to relax. Soft lights and scented candles seem trivial to you. I’m not

Put It In The Correct Position.

Lay your back on him, after placing a pillow under his head and another under his pelvis. Your legs should be slightly apart and bent relaxed. As if she was putting on panciolle to let the family jewels take off.

To Breathe!

To create the correct connection between you, the first step is to breathe. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly, as if you want to fly your energy and love in your direction. Ask him to breathe deeply and slowly – his feelings will be amplified.

Use Massage Oil

In lingam massages there is nothing harsh and friction is not provided – get an oil for erotic massage and sprinkle your hands and genitals. Everything will be more pleasant for him and it will be easier for him to perform fluid and linear movements.

It Starts From A Distance

The penis is the main protagonist, but you must wake it up little by little. You can start by massaging the inside of the thighs and then moving towards the groin and pubis. Make slow, smooth movements and adjust by observing their reactions.

Massage the testicles

Approach the testicles and stroke them in circular motions and holding your hands cupped. Ask him if he wants more pressure – not all men like to feel crushed, some do.

It is the turn of the penis.

After all the protagonists, it is finally his turn. Massage the lingam by alternating different movements and rhythms: go up and down with your hands, make rotary movements on the rod, dedicate yourself to the base and then go up to the glans and vice versa.

Slow Down When You Get

Complicity with the atmosphere and the heavenly sight of you groping below, his orgasm couldn’t be expected. Pay attention to the rhythm of your breathing and your movements, and when you notice that you are coming, slow down and return to dedicate yourself to other areas. They are the first steps for him to learn edges, a technique that could be very useful on sheets.

Explore The P-Point

The most sacred of the penis there is only the P-point or the prostate. Stimulate him from the outside by massaging your fingertips and knuckles into the perineum, or the area between the testicles and the anus. So, only if he agrees, insert a finger (or an anal toy ) into the anus and try to reach the prostate, a walnut-shaped gland. Massage gently and in circular motions.

And Now Relax!

Decide together if you want the lingam massage to end with intercourse or a liberating orgasm on your hands. In any case, at the end of the erotic massage, relax, take time to dedicate yourself to the sensations of your body and share the experience you have experienced.

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