Erotic Massages: How To Do Them And What Are Their Benefits?

The massage is probably the oldest therapeutic tool of the human being as a natural resource to relieve pain. But as humanity itself evolved and diversified. Today there are circulatory, sports, aesthetic, decontracting, relaxation and erotic massages , among some others.

A massage consists of stimulating the skin and manipulating the muscles of the body in order to generate relief or pleasure. The erotic massage , then, is the use of massage techniques, but with a purpose of sexual stimulation. It is recommended as a method of connection for the couple, because from different techniques the other person can be induced to a state of maximum relaxation, and allows the whole body to be given prominence in sexual intercourse and not just the genital areas.

The erotic massage has many benefits for the sex life of the couple, because it strengthens confidence, breaks the monotony and awakens new sensations, intense in men and women . The act must show affection and must be focused on being generous with the other person, on the basic concept of giving and receiving.

How To Do Erotic Massages: The Keys

1 – The Environment. The imagination must find its starting point when preparing the intimate environment with the couple. A beautiful decoration, scented candles, rose petals and relaxing music help to compose the ideal atmosphere for the erotic massage . Neutral oils are also a complement: they have a pleasant smell, they make the skin much softer and more slippery and thus whoever receives the massage will have an optimal experience.

2 – Trust. Mutual trust is fundamental in this game of giving and receiving, where the one who gives the massage becomes responsible for caring for and satisfying the recipient. Massage in intimacy is far from being massaged by a therapist, who maintains a professional distance. Here you have to break down the emotional barriers from the connection of the two bodies. You have to let your whole body be touched, not just those areas that generate the greatest self-satisfaction. It is ideal to close your eyes, exhale all the air, concentrate on the massage and let the weight of the body fall on the mattress. Although the basic massages are applied with the hands, do not limit the imagination. At a certain point, to avoid monotony, it is recommended to start using lips, tongue and feet to increase eroticism.

3 – The Novelty. It is a moment to transfer the couple to their first moments, those of discovery, when both members just met. Trying new things together should always be an extra and enjoyable motivation. It is important not to generate monotony and boredom to propose to the couple to change roles, so that both can experience the pleasure of giving and receiving. There should be nothing fixed, as in those early days of the relationship.

4 – Disconnect. The main rule must be common to both and has to do with being able to generate an escape from the hyper connected and sometimes stressed life of couples. At the time of the massage, the ideal is to put aside and disconnect the cell phone, forget about the computer and work. If there are children, find a way to be able to generate an instant of activity so as not to have to be aware of them. The erotic massage is a moment to surrender to the other, and everything that can be done to respect that moment to the fullest is welcome.

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