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Soapy Massage and Tantric Massage in London

Sudsy and Foamy Erotic Soapy Massage in London

Sensual. Stimulating. Erotic. Exciting. Soapy Sexy Massage.

You’ve just found the sexiest London Soapy Massage. There’s no need to visit a massage parlor in Bangkok, now you can get a super sexy soapy massage in your own home or hotel room in London! Using the sexiest Thai soapy massage secrets straight from Thailand Massage Parlors, AMIRA Massage make sure you will enjoy your sensual soapy massage in London. When the AMIRA Masseuses go through their AMIRA Massage Training, it includes exclusive hot tips and tricks from around the world, including the best massage parlor in Bangkok. For a sneak preview of some of the explicit erotic moves our sexy Masseuses use during your soapy shower massage, please check out the amazing for erotic soapy massage videos. You’re going to love your erotic nude massage from AMIRA Massage London. An amazing  body-to-body massage in the shower is the sexiest soapy massage London offers.

About the AMIRA Soapy Massage London

One of the most popular AMIRA Massages is our AMIRA Massage Deluxe, which starts with a truly sensual and erotic assisted shower massage. Both you and your masseuse will be fully nude during the AMIRA Massage Deluxe as all our massages are Naturist massages. An AMIRA soapy massage is where your masseuse will give you a delightful foamy sudsy soapy sensational full body massage experience in the shower. It’s a truly stimulating, arousing, and erotic soapy massage for your total sensual pleasure. Sexy massage at its finest.

Asian Soapy Massage

First, both of you get all wet under the shower or in the bath. Then your beautiful AMIRA Masseuse will use her special delicately scented super-foaming shower wash to lather your entire body with creamy soap bubbles. Now the fun begins! Using incredibly erotic Asian soapy massage techniques, your masseuse will give you the most exciting soapy massage imaginable. Your naughty naked masseuse will use her entire body, front and back, to tease and please you in the hot running water, before gently drying you off and giving you an exquisite full body hot oil nude massage on your bed. Soapy sexy massage has never been more luxurious. We aim to offer the most exclusive high-class soapy massage available in London.

Stunning Lady Enjoying a Serene Moment

What’s the best massage oil to use for a sensual or erotic massage?

AMIRA Massage has had a lot of inquiries about what kind of massage oil is the best to use for erotic massages, and we are happy to share with you that we exclusively use the premium PJUR Light Bodyglide Oil, a very silky soft silicon oil which has no scent, no flavour, and is non-staining. It’s also hypoallergenic and will not block your pores. In fact, it locks moisture into your skin and can improve the texture of it. PJUR Bodyglide feels incredible on your skin, very sensuous, and perfectly complements the tantric massage experience. The unique formulation of PJUR Bodyglide really improves the feeling of the luxury body to body massage. It is better than traditional massage oils used in classical massage treatments such as Swedish massage, as it is such a neutral substance with no odour or colour. It’s very popular for use in sensual massages across the world and is a great sign of the quality of your erotic massage.

PJUR Bodyglide is very long-lasting, and so does not need to constantly be reapplied, adding to the flowing and uninterrupted feel of your massage. It warms up nicely, never getting too hot. It has an extraordinary luxurious texture, and it feels totally wonderful and intimate on your body. When it is warm and applied lovingly to your bare skin, it feels as though you are being caressed with velvet. As your massage continues, you will fall in love with the pleasurable gliding touch that the PJUR Bodyglide enables. For massage aficionados and connoisseurs, PJUR is the only choice for a true sensual massage. Clients and masseuses alike are all very happy with the oil and once you’ve tried it you’ll be hooked.

If you are looking to give a tantric massage to your partner at home, you should definitely use PJUR Bodyglide to ensure the best fun and erotic hot oil massage experience. If you want to try out erotic massage at home, make sure you first protect your bedsheets with a large towel, because although the oil is nonstaining and washes out you probably won’t want to sleep covered in it afterwards. This allows you to concentrate on the fun at hand, which is slippery, gliding, sliding and pure eroticism. Knowing that you have chosen the right massage for your hot oil massage at home will also help you to enjoy the experience to the maximum. PJUR Bodyglide is the standard professional choice for the best massage bodyworkers across the world, from London to Sydney, from Las Vegas to Paris.

When you are looking for a massage service or choosing a professional sensual massage provider, make sure you ask them what kind of oil that they use for their massages. Classical Swedish massage oils such as almond oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil all have a natural scent and can stain your towels and bedsheets, although they are often high in Vitamin E and as such beneficial to your skin. The best natural oil of these for erotic massage is Jojoba oil, which is actually a liquid wax extracted from the seed of the Jojoba plant. Jojoba oil does not contain triglycerides as many vegetable oils do. Cheaper oils such as baby oil (which is paraffinum liquidum, a petroleum byproduct) are very slippery so used by many low-quality erotic massage providers, but baby oil acts as a barrier on your skin, which can block your pores and cause acne and other skin rashes. Sensual massage providers who use a medical grade silicon oil such as PJUR Bodyglide are professionals, and you should feel assured of a high quality and luxurious massage.

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