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Lelo Flicker Candle Warm Oil Massage London

NEW! AMIRA Flicker: Sensual Warm Candle Oil Massage

AMIRA Massage are now providing the most exceptional of uniquely kinky luxury sensual massage experiences: the AMIRA Flicker Massage, a Warm Candle Oil Massage.

Erotic, unique, and simply magnificent, the AMIRA Flicker Massage will leave you begging for more. Exclusively using the Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao, your masseuse will light the candle and use the entrancingly slippery and warm candle oil to provide you with an unusual erotic massage like none other you’ve tried before. The scent of the massage candle is divine and simply intoxicating. You will shiver with naughty delight as your gorgeous nude masseuse drizzles hot candle wax oil onto your skin: the feel of the candle wax oil is smooth, lush, and velvety. Pure sensual perfection. 


AMIRA Flicker Massage:

£350 for 60 Minutes

£450 for 90 Minutes

£550 for 120 Minutes

Lingam Massage in London is Healing

What is Lingam Massage?

A lingam massage or sacred lingam healing, is a sensual Tantric massage technique. The word lingam comes from Sanskrit and it literally means “wand of light.” The lingam massage is the ritual of honoring and healing this intimate part of the male manhood. Touching the lingam is not necessarily from a place of arousal and orgasm but from a joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body.

Your AMIRA masseuse will worship your lingam with rhythmical stroking and caressing. She will be in tune with your sensual needs and adjust her movements and pressure according to your sensitivities. Her attention to your lingam will not cease, even for a moment. The slippery wet oily massage stroking will continue until you reach a moment of total sensual satisfaction.

What is a Tantric Massage London

What is a Tantric Massage?

Tantric Massage is one very tiny part of a well-established philosophy of Tantra which goes back to 5th-9th century AD (see blog article on Tantra). A Tantra or Tantric Massage is a form of healing touch that helps to circulate your sexual energy around your entire body and this will help you to achieve sustained whole body orgasms. To help you reach the blissful state of nirvana, you will be in tune with your AMIRA Tantric Massage Therapist with complete nudity, allowing an intimate deep connection with your therapist. Massage is inherently sensual and intimate. Your breathing will be in synch with your nude AMIRA Masseuse, your bodies intertwined and she will not lose physical contact, even for 1 minute, during the whole massage. The caressing, rubbing, teasing and rhythmic stroking will not end until you have reached the pinnacle of ecstasy and sexual desire.