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Body on Body Massage London

What is a Full Body to Body (Body2Body) Massage?

The ultimate private massage London experience is the Full Body to Body Massage, an exquisite Tantric massage journey.

A full body to body massage involves both the recipient and therapist being completely nude, which is also known as a naturist massage. Candles will be lit, the room will be infused with delicious smelling incense and soft music will be playing gently in the background.

Enjoy your incredible journey of intense pleasure. Your beautiful massage therapist will gently caress your body with luxury warned PJUR Bodyglide massage oil before proceeding to slowly and rhythmically glide up and down your entire body with her own. Experience the slippery, silky quality of touch that will take you on an intimate spiritual journey into the deepest realms of intimacy, pleasure and sexual fulfillment. Slippery and oily body to body massage is super sexy and feels fantastic for both you and your masseuse.

Your sexy nude masseuse, sleek with velvety massage oil, will use all parts of her body and hands to massage your whole body. Your entire skin will be caressed with her satiny skin for the ultimate body on body massage feeling.

Body to Body Massage has been practiced across the world in different styles. It is becoming increasingly popular, especially in London. The AMIRA Massage involves body to body massage techniques learned from Thai erotic massage, erotic Asian massage, and sexy Australian bodysliding. It is also infused with Japanese erotic massage techniques including the world famous Nuru Massage, which involves a clear ultra slippery massage gel made with seaweed. For the ultimate hedonistic body slide and slippery gliding touch experience you will love your AMIRA Massage.

A unique and erotic massage, a body to body massage is extremely arousing and stimulating. The spectacular skin to skin massage will awaken your senses and is designed to ignite your Kundalini energy.

The AMIRA Massage is a carefully orchestrated dance of body to body massage moves and slow erotic massage techniques. If you’re looking for a hot sexy massage, the body on body massage is perfection and the best full body massage London offers.

What are the Emotional and Physical Health Benefits of Massage

What are the Emotional and Physical Health Benefits of Receiving a Massage?

Throughout history human beings have recognised the health benefits and therapeutic effects of many different types of massages that have originated all over the world. It was Hawaiian massage practitioners who invented the famous Lomi Lomi style, which in the native language means ‘massage’. The Lomi Lomi style encourages the therapist to use knees, elbows, palms, fingers, forearms and even feet to provide pressure on specific parts of the body that are often ignored by other massage styles. On the other hand, certain Thai techniques advocate the use of the unique 4 hand massage method i.e. 2 therapists (= 4 hands) massaging you simultaneously in order to stimulate the key pressure points all over your body. While Thai massage, in more general terms, involves both stretching and deep massage, often using yoga-like positions during the course of the massage and this includes rhythmic pressing and stretching. There is also the well known Swedish massage technique which uses long flowing strokes to soothe your body, relax tense muscles, reduce stress and calm the mind.

Several years of medical research shows that massages, especially full body massages, provide numerous health benefits including stress relief, pain reduction, reduced blood pressure, improved heart rate, help with physical pain (e.g. back pain) and general improved well being. The list below provides just some of the reasons why receiving regular massage healing therapy could help to improve your health and emotional wellbeing.

  • Massages can improve your immune system stimulating lymph flow (this is part of the bodies natural defence system).
  • Massages help your body prepare for, and recover from strenuous activities such as work outs.
  • By promoting more blood circulation in the body, regular massages can help improve your skin and general appearance e.g. reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.
  • It may also increase the flexibility of your joints.
  • Massages can lessen the risk of depression and anxiety because of your intimate interactions with personable, charming therapists.
  • A massage that is done properly by a trained therapist will help to pump oxygen and nutrients around your body.
  • It will help to relieve tired and injured muscles.
  • Massage therapy helps to release endorphins, which is the bodies natural pain killer.
  • It can also help with other health related issues such as migraine pain, fatigue while also helping to improve the quality of your sleep.
  • The improved rest and general well being by receiving massages will give your body increased energy, improve your concentration, reduce stress and generally improve your ability to deal with the stresses of modern day life.

Getting one massage will provide you with so many benefits, but having a massage frequently will multiply the positive effects. Making time to have a massage is an investment in your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people still consider the massage experience to be a luxury one-off treat, however, just because you enjoy it so much doesn’t make it any less therapeutic. A regular massage provided by an experienced practitioner is a vital part of looking after your health and well being.