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Soapy Massage and Tantric Massage in London

Sudsy and Foamy Erotic Soapy Massage in London

Sensual. Stimulating. Erotic. Exciting. Soapy Sexy Massage.

You’ve just found the sexiest London Soapy Massage. There’s no need to visit a massage parlor in Bangkok, now you can get a super sexy soapy massage in your own home or hotel room in London! Using the sexiest Thai soapy massage secrets straight from Thailand Massage Parlors, AMIRA Massage make sure you will enjoy your sensual soapy massage in London. When the AMIRA Masseuses go through their AMIRA Massage Training, it includes exclusive hot tips and tricks from around the world, including the best massage parlor in Bangkok. For a sneak preview of some of the explicit erotic moves our sexy Masseuses use during your soapy shower massage, please check out the amazing for erotic soapy massage videos. You’re going to love your erotic nude massage from AMIRA Massage London. An amazing  body-to-body massage in the shower is the sexiest soapy massage London offers.

About the AMIRA Soapy Massage London

One of the most popular AMIRA Massages is our AMIRA Massage Deluxe, which starts with a truly sensual and erotic assisted shower massage. Both you and your masseuse will be fully nude during the AMIRA Massage Deluxe as all our massages are Naturist massages. An AMIRA soapy massage is where your masseuse will give you a delightful foamy sudsy soapy sensational full body massage experience in the shower. It’s a truly stimulating, arousing, and erotic soapy massage for your total sensual pleasure. Sexy massage at its finest.

Asian Soapy Massage

First, both of you get all wet under the shower or in the bath. Then your beautiful AMIRA Masseuse will use her special delicately scented super-foaming shower wash to lather your entire body with creamy soap bubbles. Now the fun begins! Using incredibly erotic Asian soapy massage techniques, your masseuse will give you the most exciting soapy massage imaginable. Your naughty naked masseuse will use her entire body, front and back, to tease and please you in the hot running water, before gently drying you off and giving you an exquisite full body hot oil nude massage on your bed. Soapy sexy massage has never been more luxurious. We aim to offer the most exclusive high-class soapy massage available in London.

Naturist Massage UK

Naturist Massage UK, Naturist Massage London, and Nude Massage

What is Naturist Massage?

Naturist Massage is a fully nude massage, where both the giver and receiver of the massage are nude. A fully naked (or naturist) massage allows there to be no barriers between the massage therapist and the client, providing a comfortable  environment. When you are receiving a naturist massage, you’ll notice how much more relaxed you feel and how the atmosphere is naturally serene and calm. A naturist massage is not necessarily a sexual or sensual massage, although it can be.

Naturist Massage in the UK has become very popular in the last few years, especially in the larger cities like London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Bradford, Edinburgh, Wakefield, and Cardiff. There are many trained therapeutic massage therapists who understand how freeing naturism is and have converted into naturist massage therapists. Both clients and therapists often feel more comfortable in a naturist massage environment, so there are now many independent naturist massage therapists and naturist massage agencies and naturist massage parlours serving the UK. Naturist Massage in London has become particularly popular as London has the largest population of any city in the United Kingdom.

Naturist massage is not a specific style of massage: the term encompasses any style of sensual or therapeutic massage given with both giver and receiver fully naked. So you can have a naturist Thai massage, naturist Swedish massage, naturist Tantric massage, naturist Oriental massage, naturist Soapy Massage, or any of a number of other styles of naturist massage.

AMIRA Massage provide a fully naturist massage experience for your total relaxation. We pride ourselves on providing the most luxurious Naturist Massage in London. If you are looking for an erotic nude massage in London, call our receptionist now +44 (0) 207 183 1624


NEW! ULTIMATE Sultan Massage For Him

Are you looking for the very best and most exclusive sensual naturist massage available for the discerning Gentleman in London? 

AMIRA Massage present our newest sensual luxury massage offer, the Ultimate Sultan Massage For Him. A hedonistic journey with a very happy ending.

An erotically exciting exploration of your wildest threesome fantasies, our seductive and arousing luxury erotic massage will have you begging for more. Only for those with impeccable taste and sophistication, the Ultimate Sultan Massage is not for the shy. Give yourself up to the pampering attentions of two perfectly formed and exceptionally beautiful young Tantric Goddesses, totally nude and eager to please you. The Ultimate Sultan Massage is a feast for the senses: a visual and tactile experience where flights of fancy become reality.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your most exciting fantasies spring to life?

Your steamy journey begins with a slow tantalisation over a few glasses of ice cold champagne, on us. Then you get to enjoy the view as your two stunning nude masseuses give you a coordinated striptease before teasing and tantalising you into infinity. Experience the exceptional indulgence of having every inch of your body soaped up by your two beautiful model masseuses, four soft hands caressing your skin and two warm bodies pressed against yours in an assisted erotic shower embrace. Softly and lovingly drying you off, your masseuses will then guide you to the prepared massage area, where you will have your beautiful sensual masseuses massaging your body with theirs for hours. Hot oil massage has never been more gratifying. You’ll adore the delicious erotic sensations of the most exquisite tantra massage London offers.

We promise you’ll love your happy ending.

Ultimate Sultan Massage

3 Hours £2000

AMIRA Executive Therapeutic Relaxing Massage London

NEW! AMIRA EXECUTIVE Therapeutic Relaxing Massage

Here at AMIRA massage, we are happy to present you with our latest offering: the AMIRA Executive Massage.

The AMIRA Executive Massage is for tired and overstressed individuals who need a proper therapeutic massage in the comfort of their home or hotel room in London. Too tired to stand up? We understand, and we’ll do all the work so that you don’t have to.

A unique relaxing blend of various therapeutic massage modalities, the AMIRA Executive Massage will help you unwind after a long flight or busy day. It combines Swedish, Thai, Japanese Anma, Aromatherapy, Hot Oil, and Deep Tissue Massage for the most soothing professional massage available in London.


Please note that this massage is NOT naturist, NOT sensual, NOT sexual, and STRICTLY therapeutic. Your massage therapist will be fully ITEC Qualified in at least one Therapeutic Massage Modality. 

Lelo Flicker Candle Warm Oil Massage London

NEW! AMIRA Flicker: Sensual Warm Candle Oil Massage

AMIRA Massage are now providing the most exceptional of uniquely kinky luxury sensual massage experiences: the AMIRA Flicker Massage, a Warm Candle Oil Massage.

Erotic, unique, and simply magnificent, the AMIRA Flicker Massage will leave you begging for more. Exclusively using the Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla & Creme de Cacao, your masseuse will light the candle and use the entrancingly slippery and warm candle oil to provide you with an unusual erotic massage like none other you’ve tried before. The scent of the massage candle is divine and simply intoxicating. You will shiver with naughty delight as your gorgeous nude masseuse drizzles hot candle wax oil onto your skin: the feel of the candle wax oil is smooth, lush, and velvety. Pure sensual perfection. 


AMIRA Flicker Massage:

£350 for 60 Minutes

£450 for 90 Minutes

£550 for 120 Minutes

Find a Massage in London: Choose a Massage Provider

Find a Massage in London: How to Choose a Massage Provider

Are you looking to find a massage in London?

There are lots of massage providers in London, England offering a vast array of different massage types and other related massage and healing services.

At AMIRA Massage London, we are a big fan of erotic massage and we try to combine elements of a sensual massage with tantric massage and body to body massage in order to provide you with a unique mobile massage in London. 

However, we know it is difficult to choose the right massage provider. You are swamped with tons of options about where to have your massage, what kind of massage to have, how much it costs, and how long in advance you need to book. With so many decisions to make, how does anyone actually manage to find the right massage for them?

You may want to visit a massage facility, such as a spa or in-call flat, in order to receive your massage. If this is what you are after, you should be looking for “incall massage London.” There are many reputable spas and incall massage providers that you can find in London, and many of them are featured on the different pages of the excellent London Massage Guide. What are the benefits of an incall massage? You can visit an incall massage London and fit it around the rest of your day, whereas if you have someone visit you then you need to be able to host their stay and you also need to wait for them to arrive. What are the potential problems with an incall massage? You don’t know how great the location of your massage will be and whether it will be somewhere you’re comfortable. AMIRA Massage provide a comfortable and clean luxury apartment in Central London should you wish to book an incall sensual massage.

If you prefer to have your massage therapist visit you in your home or hotel room, then what you are looking for is known as a “mobile massage,” “out-call massage,” “visiting massage,” “room service massage,” “home massage,” or “hotel massage.” There are lots of mobile massage London providers to choose from. There are many benefits to having your therapist visit you, including feeling safe in an already known secure environment.  You don’t need to struggle to find somewhere you’ve never been. It’s easier for you, as you don’t need to travel, and it’s convenient to have someone else to travel to you with all of the necessary massage accoutrements to provide a full body massage at home. It’s time saving as you don’t have to spend time travelling to the massage room or spa location. The other great thing about having a visiting massage in London is that after your massage, you can relax and chill out in your own space without having to worry about cleaning yourself up, packing up, and going home. You can just climb into bed afterwards and have a blissful nap. Visiting massage in London is becoming very popular these days for its many advantages.

What are some of the other things you should consider when you are booking a massage in London?

Obviously, your budget affects your massage choices. Look for the different massage providers that offer massages in your price range. Make sure the price is clearly stated on the website, and double check to make sure there are no hidden extras that may make the massage out of your budget.

Something else you should think about when you’re booking a London massage is the style of massage you are looking for, and whether you want a strictly therapeutic sports massage or whether you want a more intimate, hot oil full body massage. There are lots of different massage modalities on offer in London and again the London Massage Guide does break this down into different categories, such as Reflexology Massage in London, Tantric Massage in London, and Thai Massage in London. AMIRA Massage is one of London’s leading luxury sensual massage agencies. However, there are also some other reputable agencies to consider such as YabYum Massage, Pearl London, Carezzia, MOJO Massage, Shakti Massages (aka Massage Works London), Majestic Massage London, Peachy Pleasures and Winks London.

Remember to have a look at the website of the massage you are trying to find in London, as many of them will state how long in advance you need to book to have someone visit you. AMIRA Massage, for instance, take 30-40 minutes to visit you for a mobile massage in London.

Always check the reviews of and testimonials for the service you are looking to book, as you want to make sure it’s a legitimate service and that other people have used and enjoyed the service. If a company, spa, or service has mostly good reviews then don’t let a couple of bad reviews put you off, as everyone has an off day. However if all you can find is bad reviews then perhaps you should be looking for another massage service in London!

Good luck finding the best massage in London for you!

What Do You Get As A Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

What do you get as a gift for the man who has everything?

Perhaps you are looking for a present for the man who has everything? A heavenly and world-class AMIRA Massage would make an excellent present for even the most discerning sensual massage connoisseur. If you want to know what to get the man who has everything, please speak to the AMIRA Concierge and arrange the perfect bespoke massage gift for him. We are happy to assist you in arranging all details, including finding the most appropriate luxury hotel room in London for the gentleman’s unique present. We know it can be difficult to find the best gifts for men but AMIRA Massage will help make it easy for you to provide a meaningful gift that will be truly appreciated by a discerning man, whether it is for a birthday present, anniversary present, congratulatory present, a Christmas gift, or simply a luxury treat. An AMIRA Massage is an excellent way to show you care. If you want to book a massage for your partner and also be involved in it, the AMIRA Couples massage is an excellent way to indulge your man while also getting in on the fun.

The very best erotic fantasy experience available in London right now is our newly introduced super-luxury offering, The ULTIMATE Sultan Massage, which includes three hours with two beautiful masseuses and a bottle of Champagne. If you know a man who has always had a fantasy about having an erotic threesome experience, this is the next best thing.