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How to prepare for an AMIRA Massage:

1. Please ensure the temperature in the room where the massage is to take place is very warm (between 22-25C) for the most comfortable and sensual massage possible.

2. Take a shower shortly before your masseuse’s arrival, paying extra attention to your intimate areas. This is a very erotic, intimate massage and your quality of hygiene will affect your massage, so please be as clean and fresh as possible when your masseuse arrives in order to enjoy the most exciting and sexy massage imaginable.

3. Provide a minimum of two large, clean, dry towels: one to protect the bed from any oils and to cushion your massage, and another for your masseuse’s exclusive use whilst at your premises.

Please note:

- You are expected to pay for the massage in full and upfront before the massage begins, in cash. Please have the agreed fee ready in an open envelope for the masseuse upon her arrival.

- Your masseuse will provide music (she travels with a small sound system and will need an outlet to plug it into at your premises), candles, and incense to set the scene for your massage upon her arrival. She also brings with her the finest oils to massage your skin which she will warm before the massage where possible in order for you to enjoy a hot oil massage incorporated into your sensual body to body massage.

- Your masseuse adheres to the strictest standards of hygiene and will require brief use of a shower facility before and after your massage. We understand that your masseuse will need some time to set up and get ready for your massage and we include an additional 30 minutes overall for this, thus the actual massage length you receive is the duration you have paid for.

- For your safety and utmost enjoyment, we require that you be free from the influence of drugs and alcohol before and during your AMIRA Massage.

- The security and happiness of our masseuses is tantamount to us and they reserve at all times to end the massage and leave if they are made to feel threatened or uncomfortable in any way.

- Please let our receptionist know if there are any contra-indications to massaging all or any part of your body or if you have any health conditions that may impact your ability to fully enjoy an AMIRA Massage. At all times, we design your massage around you and will do our best to ensure you have a completely satisfying and fulfilling experience.

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