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Women are wonderful, beautiful, complex creatures. At AMIRA Massage, we understand the subtle nuances of female sexuality, and we also realise that women are  all too often left out or sidelined when it comes to intimate sensual services. Consequently, we have dedicated a whole section of our company to explore the best techniques from Tantra and Tantric practices infused with Reiki, Kama Sutra, Bodywork and Thai massage. Based on the positive feedback we regularly receive from our female clients, we believe that we have found the right way to lavish every Goddess with the erotic pleasure she deserves with our delicious sensual full body massage for women in London.

Truly this is sensual body worship at its finest, a hands-on homage to the luscious female form. Imagine the tingling and amorous sensations you will feel when you have a beautiful, soft, and gentle woman caressing your skin and celebrating your body. Feel the hot oil drip onto your skin slowly, making you wet…

AMIRA FEMME MASSAGE A delightful synergy of totally erotic Body to Body moves and Delicate Caresses, Culminating in a respectful and arousing Yoni Massage, because you deserve a happy ending

1 hour £290
1.5 hours £390
2 hours £490
3 hours £690

AMIRA FEMME DELUXE MASSAGE The delicious AMIRA FEMME Massage gets better, starting with a relaxing bathing ritual based on the japanese bathing ritual and tantric practices, where your exquisite masseuse will get you all sudsy and soapy and totally wet in either the bath or the shower, and then gently towel dry you before your hot oil full body massage

1 hour £350
1.5 hours £450
2 hours £550
3 hours £750


WHEN YOU WANT TO PAMPERED, STROKED, and TEASED by two beautiful Masseuses for the ULTIMATE FANTASY EXPERIENCE you will remember forever. 

The fantasy of being the Queen Bee and being pleasured by many lovers at once is a very popular female fantasy, and we can’t wait to tantalise you with this truly erotic massage experience. The most exciting sensual massage in London for the modern lady.

3 HOURS with 2 Masseuses and a Bottle of Ice Cold Champagne… 


Special arrangements can be made if you have any requests, please discuss your requirements with our concierge on +44 (0) 207 183 1624

All of your personal boundaries will be respected at all times.

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