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Couples Massage London

Why have a massage alone when you can have it with your loved one? There is nothing as pleasurable as sharing the experience with someone special. We know that all couples are different so this type of massage is completely tailored to your specific needs.Our exquisite sensual Couples Massage is completely bespoke. You may decide to intimately watch as our devoted therapist massages your partner or you may decide to use this opportunity to explore new depths of sensuality by massaging each other under the guidance of our experienced masseuse. This works great as a regular treat, which enhances your relationship and strengthens the connection between you. It also works well as an anniversary gift, birthday gift or even a Valentines day gift. A great alternative to sex therapy, a Couples Massage can be intimacy-building and very arousing.

AMIRA Massage Body2Body for Couples, with 2 Beautiful AMIRA Masseuses

1 hour £580
1.5 hours £780
2 hours £980
3 hours £1380

AMIRA Massage Four Hand Body2Body for Couples, with 4 Beautiful AMIRA Masseuses for the Ultimate Relaxing Romantic Experience

1 hour £1160
1.5 hours £1560
2 hours £1960
3 hours £2760

Special arrangements can be made if you have any requests, please discuss your requirements with our concierge on +44 (0) 207 183 1624

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