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What kind of massage do you provide?

AMIRA Massage provide a relax massage for adults (18 years of age and older) intended not specifically for medical or therapeutic benefit but for pleasure, entertainment, and relaxation. It is a unique blend of many different massage styles and primarily combines sensual massage techniques with erotic touch and contemporary Tantric practices. We are a luxury mobile adult massage company in London. The exception to this is our AMIRA Executive Massage, which is strictly a therapeutic massage and not sensual or intimate in any way whatsoever. 

Is this an escort service?

AMIRA Massage strictly provide a massage only service for adults of 18 years of age and over. Our masseuses are forbidden from engaging in any sexual acts and perform exclusively the massage-only service they have been trained to provide while they are engaged in an AMIRA Massage booking with you, which does not include intercourse or sexual acts. Again, this is a non-sexual massage service.

Is this a naturist massage?

Yes, AMIRA Massage provide a totally nude massage experience for your complete erotic satisfaction. Mutual nudity and maximum skin-to-skin contact is vital to our truly sensual body2body massage London services. This mutually naked massage is a very freeing experience and will allow you to relax completely. We pride ourselves on providing the most professional Naturist Massage in the UK.

Am I allowed to touch or fondle my masseuse? 

In order for you to unwind into the deepest state of pleasure, you are expected to remain passive throughout your AMIRA Massage.

Do you have an incall facility

AMIRA Massage consider ourselves to be “The Ultimate in Room Service.” What that means exactly is that your chosen AMIRA masseuse will travel to you in a short period of time after your call (30-45 minutes) and when she arrives, will transform your home or hotel room into a sensual spa environment with candles, soft ambient music, and (optional) exquisite luxury Japanese incense. The masseuse visiting you is what is known as an in-call massage, visiting massage, mobile massage, or home massage. We have written more about finding a massage in London here. For those of you interested in experiencing an AMIRA Massage but unable to accomodate, we also have an incall facility located in the Paddington area.

Do your masseuses bring a massage table?

Our masseuses are trained to provide your massage on your bed (or floor, if a comfortable and appropriate cushion is provided), which allows for a much greater scope of movement in an erotic massage than a massage table would. To prepare for your masseuse’s arrival, please provide two large clean bath towels, one for the bed and one for your masseuse’s use whilst at your premises.

What kind of massage oil is used in an AMIRA Massage?

AMIRA Masseuses exclusively use the premium PJUR Light Bodyglide oil, which is super silky and smooth on your skin. It is also hypoallergenic, non-staining, ultra-slippery, and free of fragrance and preservatives. It’s the ultimate premium oil for your first-class erotic massage experience. PJUR Light Bodyglide is simply exceptional, the perfect choice for the best body to body massage London provides. It will surely keep you happy and coming back for more. Pjur Bodyglide oil is the best choice to ensure you have the best erotic massage in London. Your masseuse will only use a different oil at your specific request. If you request another oil, the alternate oil used by our masseuses is the Sanctuary Massage and Body Oil.

How do I prepare for an AMIRA Massage?

Please see our guide to preparing for an AMIRA Massage by clicking here.

Are your masseuses dressed discretely?

AMIRA Masseuses are the picture of sartorial elegance. They always look classy, elegant, and discrete in order to avoid any unnecessary attention.

Can I cancel my massage when the masseuse arrives?

In the unlikely event of on-arrival cancellation, a charge of £50 (plus any additional travel costs quoted to you) applies to cover transportation costs that would usually have come out of the massage fee.

Can I pay with my credit card?

No, AMIRA Massage currently accepts cash only for your convenience and discretion. Please have the agreed fee in an open envelope to give to your masseuse when she arrives.

Can I pay with foreign currency (Euros, US Dollars, etc)?

No, AMIRA Massage currently accepts the British Pound only.

Am I required to tip my masseuse? 

While the fee covers the entire cost of the massage and tipping is not required, any tip you feel inspired to give due to exceptional service will of course be appreciated by your masseuse.

Do you have any male masseurs?

At the moment we only have female masseuses working for AMIRA Massage, as a woman intuitively has a delicate and sensual touch. If you would like a male masseur please kindly let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

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